Warley Carriers Ltd are a transport/distribution/logistics company specialising in freight movements to and from Ireland.Warley Carrier

Forklift trucks are an essential part of our operation and it’s vitally important that we have the right type of relationship with a good reliable fork lift provider that we can be confident will be available to help us as and when needed.

Some 20 years ago we contacted West Mercia to help us through a difficult time we were having with our previous supplier who had let us down yet again. Their response to our call for help was to send an engineer round within an hour and our truck was back working in a very short time. 

This was the start of an excellent relationship that we have benefited from ever since. 

We have a maintenance service contract with West Mercia for all of our trucks and they work with us every time a truck is due a service by asking when would be the best time during the day for an engineer to attend. 

This arrangement works extremely well for us as we have quite periods during the day when if a truck is needed for service it has minimum impact on our operations to have a truck serviced.

Another great benefit for us is that West Mercia are, like ourselves, a family owned business and are always available when we need help and cooperation. Recently we decided to change four of our older trucks for new ones and Mark Pugh ( Sales Director ) came to visit us on several occasions during which we discussed the best trucks for our operation and also we thought about having cab’s fitted for the first time as a lot of our work is outside. 

Mark was a great help and we took his advice on both trucks and cabs and since delivery our drivers have been very impressed and love them. 

The new trucks arrived ahead of schedule which was great but again we had to plan when the vehicle delivering the trucks arrived so as to minimise disruption. This was expertly done by Glenn Draper (Service Manager). He organised the delivery to be here at the time that was best for us and the transporter arrived on time. Glenn then commissioned the trucks on site and we put them into service immediately. Our old trucks where then loaded back onto the transporter and taken off site with the whole operation taking no longer than an hour or so. Well done Glenn!


Gerry Kibble, Managing Director of Warley Carriers (pictured with Mark Pugh and Glenn Draper from West Mercia)