West mercia Challenge Workshop

On Saturday 1st April (yes April’s Fools Day) the entire staff of West Mercia Fork Trucks attended the Company’s 2017 Service Challenge Workshop at The Village Hotel in Dudley. .

The workshop was run by Andrew Clark of Invigor8, who has been involved with West Mercia in the past in a consultancy capacity, and was designed to focus on and improve the service that West Mercia give to their customers. 

Managing Director Dean Pugh commented, “It was great to have the entire Company together, from our apprentices through to the Directors, outside of normal working hours to concentrate on areas where we can improve the service that we offer to our customer base. 

This is something that we do periodically to try and keep us ahead of the competition and some great fresh ideas came from the guys which we have already implemented. What was interesting was that Andy of Invigor8 asked for a show of hands to show who within the Company had started with us as an apprentice and over 25% of our staff raised their hands which makes us really proud. 

It was agreed that we will implement the ideas suggested at the workshop and will then carry out an in depth customer service survey in 6 months time to gauge what our customers views are on the service that we offer.