D30S-5 500pxBuilding rugged, reliable, yet simple trucks, has allowed us to become a leading provider of forklift trucks in the UK. By adding high specification features, and proven technology, our aim is to increase productivity whilst lowering equipment lifetime costs. Our Pro-5 & 7-Series internal combustion (IC) prodicts are the cornerstone of our business and include the most important features as standard, such as oil-cooled disc brakes and integral side-shifts, along with a whole host of safety features.

Doosan Pro-5 and Pro-7 IC trucks are available in a range of capacities and chassis configurations from 1.5 to 16.0 tonnes, utilising diesel and LPG power sources.

1.5t – 2.0t : Diesel & LPG

2.0t – 3.5t : Diesel & LPG

2.0t – 3.3t : LPG Compact

4.0t – 5.5t : Diesel

4.0t – 5.5t : LPG & Compact

6.0t – 9.0t : Diesel

6.0t – 7.0t : LPG

11.0t – 16.0t : Diesel


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