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Forklift battery maintenance: The ultimate guide

Forklift battery maintenance is one of the things that drives your fleet. When you work in a warehouse or on construction sites, you’ll understand more than most how important a forklift is for daily operations. Crucial for transportation, this machine is a productivity dream machine, able to move heavy objects from point A to B…

West Mercia Doosan World

Doosan World Dealer Focus: West Mercia Fork Trucks

We were delighted to be featured in the recent copy of Doosan World, in their dealer focus section!  ‘Our customers want a reliable, accurate and trustworthy service. We ensure that they get the right forklift truck for their business needs and since December 1994, this has proved to be a Doosan.’ says Mark Pugh, Sales…

Doosan D7

Fork Trucks Sent From Coventry

5 MORE BRAND NEW DOOSANS D25S-7’s LEAVING WEST MERCIA FORK TRUCKS’ COVENTRY DEPOT DESTINED FOR COURIER COMPANY A West Midlands based Courier company is taking delivery of 5 more Doosan D25S-7’s from West Mercia Fork Trucks’ Coventry Depot. The company has been a West Mercia customer for nearly 20 years. The Company are so impressed…